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Catering Services in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire (1)

My daughters asked me the other day what we had for our wedding and when I said we had canapés, roast lamb and pudding they said we were bored. When we got married most people were very traditional and that's how we did it. We appointed a carver at each table and they were presented with a leg of lamb to carve. If not everyone at the table knew each other, this quickly broke the ice. Robin and I don't even remember which canapés and puddings we had, although we must have discussed what to eat for a while.

While many couples still choose a traditional three-course meal, this isn't the norm, and couples realize it's their wedding so they can eat whatever they want. When couples come to see Furtho Events Barn I send them our vendor list and help them find the right caterers that suit them, but I often wonder if they look at the vendor list and wonder where to start. So today I decided to talk about some of the people who have served amazing food at our weddings in Furtho in the past.

We were fortunate that our couples enjoyed exploring different food options and were introduced to many wonderful vendors; although I now advise couples to ensure that if their provider is not on our list of providers, they get a good recommendation from someone who has used them before. Twice we had caterers who weren't up to date and one of those times meant that Robin, myself and our children served food to 120 guests because the caterers didn't show up; and the other time I had to make an emergency trip to the supermarket because the vendors didn't have bread or salad to start the pie. When the chef arrived he actually asked me for the menu which definitely worried me!

Anyway, enough of the horror stories; The following vendors have always been excellent and I highly recommend them to anyone planning an upcoming event:

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creative event services

I don't know where to start writing about Creative Event Services as they really do serve a wide variety of food here in Furtho. Robin and I used them at our 40th birthday party a few years ago when they got their big pots out and served paella and chili; but they also made three-course meals, snacks, barbecues and roast pork.

Even though they have set menus I know they will serve you whatever you want.

catering anderson

Anderson Catering is a local family business offering quality catering for private and corporate events. You have a flexible approach and work with clients to meet their unique needs. They specialize in hot fork buffets and bowl dinners, so you can offer variety and flavor to your guests. They also served afternoon teas here in Furtho.

saff's kitchen

I met Saf last year while he was hosting a temporary event in Furtho and organizing one of our weddings. She has been back several times since then and her food is simply amazing. Another very local supplier based in Wolverton. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the home cooked punjabi food served with lots of love and laughter. Saf's Kitchen is a true family business, with Ishy, her husband, working alongside her.

Catering Ian Brodie

Ian & Tina serve a wide variety of foods from roast pork to barbecue, burgers, afternoon tea, farmers lunches, family style meals and hors d'oeuvres.

A local farmer who got into the restaurant business over 20 years ago started with turkey and roast pork burgers and now offers a wide variety. Go and have a look at their website where their prices and options are clearly displayed.

(Video) Cornwell's Catering

food hunter

Spit Roasts - BBQ - Ice Cream Trike are the areas where Huntsman Catering can help. They've been here several times and we're always happy to see them.


If you're looking for a food truck, there are now a wide variety of options and many are small, local vendors.

Krug Krug Jano es Saf Kitchen'snew food truck Anyway, great food and service right out of the little truck.

thug street food

This beautiful van has been to Furtho several times and I recently ate at Eat Street at York House in Stony Stratford. As they put it online: “Bandit Street Food is the culmination of two men's obsession with street food, barbecue and sandwiches. Our food is a unique blend of American, Asian and English influences. Each sandwich is born from With an obsessive love of food from around the world, whether it's our Katsu Yakusa-inspired katsu curry or our slow-roasted brisket in our John Dillinger, you can be sure your experience with Bandit will be one of a kind. "

Well, I tried the Katsu Yakusa and it was delicious. The food was served quickly and efficiently, which is always important when serving a large number of people.

Howe & Co. fish and chips

Whenever I mention these guys, most people say they have a round of fish and chips nearby, making Howe & Co. They have been serving fish and chips since the 1930's and personally I think they make the best fish and chips. We have had their vans here many times and they are the only fish and chip vans I recommend as I simply think they are the best around.

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pizzasSince everyone seems to like pizza and I love all three companies I recommend here it's just a matter of which one you prefer and who can make an appointment.

dream pizza

These were the first pizza trailers we had here at a wedding many years ago. You can choose between a classic Citroen HY pizza van or a vintage Rice horse box. After reading your menu online I am now hungry and especially craving the breakfast pizza.

hidden gem pizza

Ben and Natalie have been to Furtho several times and the food and service is always excellent; We even got to know them when they were serving pizza in Aintree for the Grand National Gathering one year ago. They serve wood fired pizza in an old green horse box.

Giuseppe's Pizzaria

Founded in 2018, Giuseppees now has three vans serving pizza, ice cream and coffee. They are based in Milton Keynes and have been here in Furtho several times this year. that's what they do

Giuseppe is the founder of Giuseppees Pizzeria and has catered to many weddings and created a bespoke pizza menu just for you. Also, you can keep the A1 size menu as a souvenir. The van is also suitable for vegans and gluten free. Hot barista drinks are also available.

The system can produce around 100 pizzas per hour, so there are no long wait times like regular pizza vans!

Their signature sourdough is made daily with 00 Italian flour and fermented for 24 hours.

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The tomato sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves.

The ingredients are fresh and imported primarily from Italy, from Prosciutto di Parma, Spicy 'Nduja Sausage from Calabria, Napoli Salsiccia (sausage) from Naples, to name a few, and cut daily.

They also have a modern ice cream truck that specializes in traditional and modern ice creams, from Oreos to Biscoff and hot waffle desserts. The van is big enough for you to get in and take pictures serving your guests as you can see on their facebook page.

To complete the occasion they have a 3 wheel Piaggio Italian coffee cart if required which is quite unique in any case.

Cantina Carnitas

Another lovely salesperson who was introduced to me a few years ago by a couple who chose her for their wedding. You will create a unique wedding breakfast or evening wedding reception. Simply excellent Mexican food.

As the saying goes, "Bring a little Mexican sunshine to your wedding".

good times coffee

Now I think this is the perfect dinner if guests are eating. They serve delicious cheese toasties from their Classic Citroen HY Van, which I have tried a few times at York House in Stony Stratford when they are hosting EAT Street.

If you're looking for a food truck but aren't sure what you want, find one at one of the local street food events. Start by visiting Eat Street at York House in Stony Stratford.

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This is an overview of some of the best caterers we've had here and I hope it has inspired you when choosing a caterer for your event. I'm always happy to chat about these things. So if you'd like more information on any of them or have something else in mind, feel free to drop us an

To discover other providers, we recommend you take a look at our Pinterest board.


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