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Melbourne is best known for its modern and diverse metropolis, vibrant city centre, inner-city neighborhoods full of unique character, and lush parks and green hills where you can enjoy the best of Australia's great outdoors. But those are not the only things about Melbourne. There are some of the best public golf courses in Melbourne.

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Melbourne's Best Public Golf Courses

Among the long list of golf courses, below is our pick of the best public golf courses in Melbourne.

Yarra Bend Public Golf Course

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Yarra Bend Golf Course was built in 1936 and is considered one of the best courses in Melbourne. This golf course is approximately 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD. This family-friendly golf course is the perfect country getaway without leaving Melbourne city. The original design of this incredible golf course was influenced by Vern Morcom, who has designed many other world-class golf courses. In recent years, Ogilvy Clayton Cocking Mead and the specialist team have restored the layout and improved the course.

Whether you're strolling the beautiful open access golf course, practicing on the driving range, or entertaining your kids with a round of miniature golf, you'll be amazed at the beauty of this location. Yarra Bend is a place where everyone feels welcome.

Public Gulf of Yarra Bend Kurs details

largo5916 Meter
site evaluation70,0
propensity index116

Yarra Bend Public Golf Course

  • Yarra Bend is an 18-hole public golf course just minutes from Melbourne's CBD.
  • A solo 4 km de Melbourne CBD.
  • Partnership with the world's largest golf retailer: Titleist.
  • It can accommodate small or large groups for functions and events.
  • You can also hire Yarra Bend Adventure Golf for private events.
  • They have the most awarded team of golf coaches in the world.

Ivanhoe public golf course

Public golf courses around Melbourne | Deeples Golf (2)

Ivanhoe Public Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 68 golf course situated on the Yarra River. This square is located 10 km northeast of the Melbourne CBD. The property boasts a wide variety of local flora and fauna and is easily accessible via the nearby Autopista del Este.

With the local flora and fauna, you're sure to enjoy the long par 3s and try to enjoy the par 4s before having to dry your par 3 golf balls in the wetlands of the interior holes. It is one of the best public golf courses in Melbourne.

Ivanhoe Public Golf Course Details

largo4936 metros
site evaluation65,0
propensity index103

Ivanhoe public golf course

  • The Ivanhoe Public Golf Course is a par 68, 18-hole golf course.
  • It offers outstanding scenic beauty of the Yarra River.
  • Rental services include club car, pro shop and restaurant. Car
  • The practice area has a driving range, pitching/chipping area and putting green.

Malvern Valley Public Golf Course

Public golf courses around Melbourne | Deeples Golf (3)

Established in 1934, the Malvern Valley Public Golf Course is located off the Monash Highway and adjacent to Gardiners Creek. This is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city in peaceful surroundings. This 18-hole public golf course offers a challenging game for golfers of all skill levels.

This course has its own well maintained water supply and the Golf Course Center has been recently renovated. Malvern Valley Golf Course is a great green corridor in a growing urban area. It is one of the most important ecological sites in the City of Stonnington and provides habitat and food for local wildlife. A wide variety of birds visit the golf course, including red cringing parrots, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, and kookaburras. Nesting boxes have been placed around the golf course to provide safe nesting sites for our native birds.

Malvern Valley Public Golf Kurs details

largo5468 metros
site evaluation66,0
propensity index116

Malvern Valley Public Golf Course

  • Malvern Valley Golf Course is an 18-hole public golf course with a magnificent panoramic setting.
  • Nº 1 in Center of Events and Receptions for Weddings, Corporate Events and Celebrations.
  • Facilities include pro shop, lessons and cafeteria.
  • Just 10 minutes south/east of the CBD.
  • One of the most accessible public golf courses.

royal park golf club

Public golf courses around Melbourne | Deeples Golf (4)

The Royal Park Golf Club is located at the northern end of Royal Park, Melbourne, Victoria. This public golf course is a 9-hole course just 3 km from the city. Established in 1903, Royal Park has been the birthplace of many great golfers, including Peter Thomson, who has won the Open Championship five times. This magnificent public golf course offers golfers a wide range of golf facilities.

The Royal Park Public Golf Course is located between Carlton and Brunswick in Parkville and is easily accessible by public transportation or your own car. Daily corporate and community golf packages are available at our licensed clubhouse.

Royal Park-Golf Kurs details

largo2529 metros
site evaluation32.1
propensity index107

royal park golf club

  • Royal Park Golf Club is a 9-hole public golf course.
  • They have a fully stocked pro shop.
  • Facilities include cart rental, club rental, a driving range, and an on-site golf pro.
  • Just 3km from the city next to Melbourne Zoo.
  • Golf lessons are taught by golf professional Michael Lawn.

Keilor public golf course

Public golf courses around Melbourne | Deeples Golf (5)

Keilor Public Golf Course is a well maintained 18 hole public golf course. This golf course has lush fairways and hard, fast greens, making it suitable for all levels. Keilor Park is just 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD in Melbourne's north-west suburbs and is open seven days a week.

You'll have a good easy start to the round with a generous fairway and trees lining the left, requiring a straight shot that leaves a short iron on the green. The hole is great for a good start to the round and they have a chance to rack up birdies and start early.

Keilor Public Golf Kurs details

largoMetro 5891
site evaluation67.2
propensity index113

Keilor public golf course

  • Keilor Public Golf Course is an 18 hole course with lush fairways and suitable for all skill levels.
  • Among other things, it has a driving range with 20 seats.
  • you have access toPGA- Scott Wearne Qualified Professional Golf Services.
  • Facilities include a pro shop, snowshoe rental and go-cart rental.


Public golf courses around Melbourne | Deeples Golf (6)

Eagle Ridge Golf Course originally began its journey as a smaller Carlogie Golf Course. They later purchased additional properties and with Kevin Hartley's design this championship course began to emerge. With the new plans and design, Eagle Ridge began operations in December 1989.

In late 2007, in recognition of the challenges of the summer, Eagle Ridge closed to convert all of its fairways to Santa Ana couches to accommodate more drought-tolerant turf. This golf course always follows Kevin Hartly's "continuous improvement" vision.

Eagle Ridge Golf Course Details

largo6164 metros
site evaluation70.1
propensity index132


  • Eagle Ridge is an 18-hole, par 72 public golf course.
  • This golf course is known for its excellent hospitality services.
  • Perfect for parties, weddings, parties, seminars and conferences.
  • It offers junior golf for children.
  • With a perfect view, you can enjoy craft beers and local music.
  • They stock all the big brands including Srixon, Titleist, Under Armour, Island Green, Nike and Footjoy.

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Overview of public golf courses in Melbourne

In addition to its cultural heritage, Melbourne has many private and public golf courses to offer. In this article we have tried to give you an overview of some of Melbourne's public golf courses. These golf courses are worth trying.

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If you're looking for public courses in the Sandbelt region, you've come to the right place.list here.

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